Is a beverage that get of the leaves, flowers, fruits or different herbs to which add hot water or boiling point to get color, flavor, fragrance or medical properties.


The tea comes to the leaves and buds from the plant called: Camellia sinensis. The taste depend on the perception and the memories to each person has stored in the memory: some people say that perceives bitter, other sweet and some could think that is a fresh taste.


Contain large quantities of iron, copper, silicon, aluminum, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium, even some of the leaves could lose a little bit of the properties due to aging and oxidation. For this reason each kind of the tea works gives specific benefits.


The tisane is the beverage that gets to boil different mux of herbs, spices, dried fruits or dehydrated in water. These beverages give a hundreds of benefits: help to improve digestion, relax muscles and above all help to level out stress.


The tisane has a huge variety of taste and infusions. They are fore all kind of pleasures and preferences. Like the teas, the taste depends on each person, for the memories stored in the memory: each person live the experience depends on their experience.

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